Anca Todrican

Anca Todrican is a romanian artist based in Italy.

From an early age she showed a passion for drawing and painting, so in 2004 - after completing her studies - she moved to Rome where she started an artistic collaboration with master Fausto Battelli.

She improves her technical skills and in 2010 she started the creation of charcoal drawings inspired by surrealist themes and experiments the abstract language with an expressionist technique.

In these years she has turn her passion into a job: opening a studio in Rome.

In 2018, also in Rome,  inaugurated her first exhibition at the Studio Campo Boario, center dedicated to contemporary art.

Anca Todrican artist

“Art goes beyond the limits in which time would like to compress it, and indicates the content of the future.“ (Vasilij Kandinskij)

Intense is her abstract poetics, in which spatula and brush modulate the acrylic that "twirls" on the canvas.

The artist arrives at the abstract after having assimilated the lessons of Impressionists, Anca takes up that emotional perception of nature feeling it in pictorial sensitivity. In abstracts the color seems to "scratch" the support, succeeding in the emotion of the intimate sphere of human ego.

The abstract language of Anca is characterized by fragmentation of pictorial sign, long brushstrokes at times filamentous are linked with material essence of spatula, where the color thickens ripples in a sensory perception of viewer.

The artist's ability to assimilate the landscape lesson to contemporary suggestions of his abstracts, leads in a pictorial poetics which abstract backgrounds frame figurative randering of nature, becoming a "garden of emotions" on canvas.